How to complete the waiver

The waiver must be completed by an over 18 who takes responsibility for the group.
When completing your details, if you use the same email as your booking this will link the waiver to your account - saving you time in the future!
Should you be sending an unaccompanied 14-17 year old to the arcade

If you would like to add age restrictions to your booking then please press the “add minor” button and complete the details for the person(s) that you want to add age restrictions to. 

Please note that much like films the age restrictions are at 8+,12+,18+ so an 11 year old would not have access to the 12+ games but would have full run of the 8+ games

You can also use this to add names to any games that support it.

The Waiver is a legal document, please take time to read it fully.